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    12s finish 2nd at Rock n Rumble!

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    15 Walsh finishes 2nd at Rock n Rumble!

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    16s having fun on Day 1 at Rock n Rumble!

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    14 Sanchez hanging out with our friend from the JVA!

The National Volleyball Academy: 2019 Team Info

2019 Team Information

Team Coach Cost
17 American Jenn Larrick $1,800
16 American Jenna Westgate $1,800
15 American Kristin Walsh $1,800
15 American Casey Marcelo $1,800
14 American Felicia Sanchez $1,800
14 American-2 Mary Williams $1,600
13 American Karli Schroeder $1,250
12 American Stephany Soto $1,250
11's Alexandra Barbee $1,000
Alyssa York $1,000

*Teams may be added and coaches may be moved to a different team to fit our needs for the upcoming season.
*Cost for 14's-17's includes speed & strength training.  Details TBA
*Club practices will begin mid-December.  Team practices will begin January 2, 2019

Tournament Layout

Teams Tournaments
14's, 15's, 16's, 17's
*14A2 will not attend
Rock n Rumble or
a qualifier
*JVA Rock n Rumble
*6 OVR tournament play dates
*OVR Bid Play-In
*Mideast Qualifier (Indianapolis, IN) or Windy City (Chicago, IL)
*OVR Championships
12's, 13's *JVA Rock n Rumble
*6 OVR tournament play dates
*OVR Championships
10's, 11's *OVR Friendship Scrimmage
*8 OVR tournament play dates
*OVR Championships

*14's-17's that earn a spot in the OVR Bid Tournament will NOT have to pay that tournament fee.
**14's-17's that earn a bid to USA Nationals will pay an additional fee.

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