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What is Club/JO Volleyball?

USA Junior Olympic (sometimes called J.O.) volleyball or club volleyball is a nationwide, junior volleyball system comprised of individual clubs organized by region under the parent organization, USA Volleyball, for the primary purpose of growing and supporting the sport. Generally, club volleyball offers participants the opportunity to continue to compete and develop skills well beyond the relatively short middle school and high school seasons.

The National Volleyball Academy is a member of the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) of USA Volleyball and the United States Volleyball Association (USAV).

Why Play Club/JO Volleyball?

Athletes participate in JO volleyball to improve their volleyball skills and compete against high level competition.  There are varying levels of JO volleyball.  Athletes that want to compete at the highest level and have aspirations for playing at the collegiate level play NATIONAL.  Athletes who want to compete at a high level, want to spend less, and have more flexibility for other sports play AMERICAN.  REGIONAL teams are for athletes that need skill development, opportunities to learn more about the game and want to compete locally.

Who can tryout for TNVA?

Everyone! Tryouts for our teams are open to everyone and athletes are placed based on athleticism, potential, attitude and skill.

Why is it so expensive?

A high level JO experience should be considered a good value - you get a great return in training, skill, and experience for the money you spend. But it is still a large amount of money compared to many youth sports experiences. Some of the main reasons fees are so high include:

  • Use of professional paid coaches rather than volunteer parents
  • Rental of commercial practice spaces rather than free community gyms or fields
  • A season that is 5-7 months long
  • A multiplicity of practice and training opportunities
  • Apparel

* JO Volleyball = Junior Olympic Volleyball, the youth arm of USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball is headquartered in Colorado Spring and is the national governing body for volleyball in the United States and is recognized by the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). JO Volleyball is played after the end of the high school season until late spring and summer.

Where do teams practice?

All TNVA teams practice at The National Sports Training Facility in Avon, OH. Starting in 2023 we will have a new state-of-the-art facility at T3!

How often do teams practice?

All TNVA teams will have 2 practices per week. 

How long is the season?

Teams practice from December through the end of their competitive seasons (varies based on age and level).  All teams' competition schedule begins in January. Team schedules will conclude at different dates depending on the team they participate in. Full season tournament schedules will be available on each team's page.

Are the players able to participate in other activities?

Perspective about Volleyball's Role in Your Life: While playing for TNVA requires hard work and commitment, we believe our philosophies and coaching staff provide excellent support to participants taking on multiple commitments. For instance, many multiple sport athletes can and do participate in our program. Participants are excused for those family-related and school-related activities that conflict with their team's practices or tournaments.

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